To consider:

In the "quantity" section you must indicate for how many days you want to rent the equipment (excluding Sunday). It does not indicate the number of cameras, lenses, etc., but the number of days that each product rents.

To reserve a specific date, tell us in writing in the "remarks" section.

* Delivery on Saturday: If you want to receive the equipment on Saturday, you must also purchase the product of the service:

Please note that Saturday deliveries are made between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. It is not possible to specify an hour beyond this margin. Keep in mind that there is no Saturday delivery service in small towns or cities far away from capitals (contact previously to confirm).

If you purchase the Saturday delivery service it is very important notify us.

This is a rental product subject to the following conditions:

General conditions:

  • The indicated price corresponds to the daily fee for the rental of the product (VAT included), Sundays FREE.
  • The day of delivery of the equipment to the client will count as the first day of rental and must be paid according to the corresponding fee.
  • The day of the return of the equipment will not be charged if the client returns the product before 11:00 am. After this time, the corresponding fee will be charged.
  • New customers or those who require shipments outside of Seville must deposit a bail 20% of the sale value (VAT included) of the product or a minimum of € 200 which must be paid by credit / debit card. The deposit will be refunded on the day the equipment is returned in the same conditions as it was delivered.
  • In the event of an accident, deterioration, breakage, breakdown, loss or theft that occurs during the rental period of the product, the client must cover the costs of the repair or subsequent return for the sale value of the product (VAT included).

Specific conditions for remote rental:

  • The reservation of the equipment must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the shipment.
  • A copy of the contract will be sent to you, which you must print and sign. Subsequently, you must send us the signed copy by email, along with a double-sided copy of your ID.
  • Shipping costs (round trip) have a total cost of € 14.
  • For the return shipment, Ganga Electrónica will include a delivery note in the package. You must stick the delivery note in an external box, never in the product box. The contents of the package must not be visible. We must receive the product as you received it, well protected against shocks, with all the standard accessories.
  • The courier company will pick up the package at your address, on the day after your last rental day, between 10:00 and 12:00 in the morning.
  • If the product is not delivered within the indicated period, the daily fee will be charged for each day of delay.

IMPORTANT: Contact Us always before purchasing the product to check the availability of the equipment.