Affiliate program

Earn money online with Ganga Electrónica affiliate program

Ganga Electrónica is the company specialized in professional photography with the most competitive prices nationally and internationally.

Get the most out of your website and / or client portfolio by joining Ganga Electrónica and start earning money for each sale you make.

Being an affiliate of Ganga Electrónica is completely free, easy and does not require great technical knowledge of the products offered.

The affiliate will obtain a 1.5% profit on the total value of the product sold, with no limit per order, unlike the vast majority of companies. Taking into account that the average value of the best-selling products in Electronic Bargain is € 1000, it means that, on average, you will receive € 15 profit for each sale.

The payment of the commissions will be paid to the affiliate by bank transfer once they have accumulated € 25 profit and request it. You can also request a discount voucher to make purchases within Ganga Electrónica with the benefits obtained from the commissions.

Work method:

  1. The affiliate promotes the products by the means it deems necessary (own website, forums, blog, sales platform, links by mail, WhatsApp, in person, etc.)
  2. The affiliate captures a customer through his link and he makes the purchase of a product at Ganga Electrónica. The client has 5 calendar days from when he clicks on the link for the commission to be applied to the affiliate.
  3. Automatically, the affiliate receives 1.5% of the total value of the purchase in his account when the product has been delivered and the withdrawal period has elapsed (14 calendar days from receipt of the order)
  4. The affiliate may withdraw the accumulated funds whenever he wishes, starting with a minimum of € 25

Sales estimates:

A stable affiliate, who dedicates time to product promotion and renewal, can sell more than € 50,000 / month, exceeding € 1,000 in profit per month.

Ganga Electrónica will be able to provide information on the best products, the best sellers and the most sought at the moment so that the affiliate can boost their promotion of said products and thus improve the conversion. It will also provide banners for incorporation on different platforms.