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Fiscal address:

Import Export G.E.F.T. 2014 S.L. (Ganga Electrónica)
Calle San Juan de la Cruz, 4
Cazalla de la Sierra (Seville) Spain
Phone: +34 955 67 39 68
e-mail: info@gangaelectronica.es

Office Address:

C/ Astronomía, 1 Torre 2 Planta 9, Oficina 9
Seville - Spain
Phone: +34 955 67 39 68
e-mail: info@gangaelectronica.es

We are a company dedicated to the sale of all types of electronic products. Our mission is to offer end users very attractive prices and build trust in purchases through the internet.

Customers who have purchased at Ganga Electrónica repeat. With the ease of browsing our website and our customer service through chat, email, phone and WhatsApp, to solve any doubt, we put at the service of clients all the tools provided by the network to be close to them.

We grow day by day, both in sales and in the confidence of internet users. This fills us with pride and motivates us to strive to work even harder to improve for the benefit of our customers.