Insure your products


Ganga Electrónica is an official insurance distributor Mack Worldwide Warranty, so you can insure your products for up to 36 months.
The service contract must be purchased and registered within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase of the equipment.

Mack Standard Coverage:

Your service contract covers manufacturing defects that may result in loss of operation of your equipment. You will cover parts and labor for the duration of the service contract at no additional cost to you, so this extended service contract is truly a smart investment for your equipment.

Please remember that this service contract does not cover equipment that has been misused, tampered with, modified, or damaged as a result of accident, liquid, dust, impact, or lack of proper care as stated in the operations manual. Accessories are not covered under the terms of the Service Contract.

What is Mack Diamond ?:

The guarantee Mack diamond of 3 years provides a world-class repair service, offering unparalleled support and repair service. Through the website, we can easily and quickly request direct service for our team, as well as follow the status of the repair and ask any questions about it via email. All of this is possible thanks to Mack's great technical team.

Mack revolutionized the repair industry in 1938 with quality of service, robust repairs, and skill and efficiency; and all this very quickly. Today it is one of the first authorized warranty repair services for big manufacturers like Sony, JVC and Canon.

This insurance is valid for the following types of products:

  • Digital cameras
  • Photographic Lenses
  • Video-cameras
  • Flashes

Diamante's warranty includes standard coverage as well as coverage for failures due to accidental damage from handling. This includes breakdowns due to damage suffered by an accident.

What does it cover ?:

  • Impact damage.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Sand or dust damage.
  • Accidental damage and unintentional use.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Normal and abnormal wear and scratches.
  • All parts and labor are covered with this service.
  • It does not cover loss or theft.

How much?:

The insurance premium is calculated based on the price of the device to be insured.

It is paid through a single payment by credit card, transfer or deposit into account.


SECTIONS0 - 150 €151 - 250 €€ 251 - € 500501 - 1000 €1001 - 2000 €2001 - 3000 €€ 3,001 - € 5,500€ 5500 - € 8500€ 8,500 - € 12,500
AMOUNT€ 2429 €€ 39€ 49€ 64€ 79€ 124€ 179€ 224


SECTIONS0 - 250 €€ 251 - € 500€ 501 - 750751 - 1000 €€ 1,001 - € 1,5001501 - 2000 €2001 - 2500 €2501 - 3000 €3001 - 4000 € € 4,001 - € 5,000 € 5,001 - € 6,000
AMOUNT€ 39€ 59€ 99€ 129€ 159€ 209€ 249€ 284€ 314€ 379 € 439

How does it work?:

The original manufacturer's warranty only covers the equipment for a limited time - usually 1 year. However, if you run large businesses, having the material covered for longer is a great investment protection idea. Especially when we talk about professional projectors; not because they break more easily, but because of their difficulty and repair costs. With the Mack warranty, you have the advantage of claiming repair services, without having to travel to the offices, all through the web.

The warranty must be registered within the first 30 days from the date of purchase of your equipment and is effective the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Once you have purchased the warranty, you will receive a warranty card along with the invoice. Then just register online at to receive your warranty registration number.

To request a repair, go to and select “Extended Service” and then “International Service”. Once here it will be easy for you to see the tracking of your repair. In addition, you can use the manufacturer's authorized service center without complications, if you wish.