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All online sales have a return policy forwithdrawal of 14 calendar dayspreviously authorized by the Commercial Department, as a general rule, returns of material in open blister packs (eg USB flash drives, video games, books...), software/licenses and items ordered on demand (express order for a client) will not be accepted. , even if they return it completely sealed. The customer has the obligation to return a product in the same condition as received, with an external box or adequate protection. Any product that is not returned in the specified conditions may not be accepted as a return. Loyalty points used in orders where withdrawal occurs will not be returned. The abusive use of this right allows Ganga Electronica the permanent veto of the client.

Professionals: They will not be considered consumers and users who, without constituting final recipients, acquire, store, use or consume goods or services, in order to integrate them into production, transformation, commercialization, professional activity or provision to third parties, for which reason they do not benefit from the rights granted to consumers. Ganga Electrónica will not accept returns due to withdrawal by resellers unless previously agreed.

Anyincident at the receptionof a shipment both for missing merchandise and for beingdamaged/struck must be reported immediatelyto the delivery person of the transport agency, and to Ganga Electrónica within a maximum period of 24 hours after receipt, otherwise Ganga Electrónica/Carrier will not be responsible for it. When signing the delivery note of the carrierindicate any anomaly in the packaging, even if the damage to the packaging is small, indicate it as well.The state of the boxes, open boxes, beaten, resealed, lack of packages, etc. Failure to indicate this information on the delivery note will nullify any possibility of claiming any lack and/or damage to the merchandise.Always indicate the phrase - Pending review -, this will leave open the option of claiming the carrier for the hidden damage caused to the packages received. In the event of a lack of any merchandise, both inside the packages and due to missing packages, never throw away the packaging of the boxes and keep the transport labels attached to the boxes. For any claim, the packaging/boxes or photographs of all will be requested. the faces of the packaging and said labels without which no claim can be made. The notification must be made through the Ganga Electrónica website.

Return costs will be paid by the its entirety and may vary depending on the weight and/or volume of the package. The merchandise to be returned must be previously insured by the client through and exclusively by the transport company hired by Ganga Electrónica. The additional shipping cost for insurance for the buyer will be 1.25% of the total value (VAT included) of the merchandise. In no case will it be possible to manage procedures for returns or exchange of merchandise at the registered office of Ganga Electrónica.

Ganga Electrónica will not be responsible for returns on products handled by the customer, or those goods that are returned incomplete both in their main elements and accessories. The right of withdrawal is not accepted on products subject to fluctuations in a market not controlled by Ganga Electrónica, nor on perishable objects, objects that can be easily reproduced immediately or that by their nature cannot be returned. Nor will the withdrawal of merchandise or orders that can be considered due to their special characteristics as requested by the client.

In cases of wear or deterioration of the property for reasons that are not exclusively due to its proof to make a decision on its definitive acquisition, Ganga Electrónica may agree with the client the corresponding and proportional compensation for the deterioration.


The return by withdrawal of the following products will not be possible at any time:

  • All kinds of Software, games for consoles, DVD, Blu-ray, memories, computer components and consumables such as graphics, hard drives, batteries, CPUs and motherboards, paid DTT whose seal/Packaging has been damaged or opened.
  • For reasons of hygiene all kinds of products related to personal care, health and hygiene.
  • All products that require direct contact with some parts of the body, such as In-EAR Headphones, toothbrushes, hair straighteners, whose packaging has been unsealed or the slightest signs of use are detected.
  • All kinds of products that require a professional fixed installation and have been installed after the purchase.
  • Those products of fixed installation.
  • Books whose packaging or seal has been opened. Books with signs of deterioration or wear.
  • Instructions for shipping (returning) products:

The delivery of a possible return will not be managed directly at our facilities, but will be delivered to the carrier for shipment. We inform you that, in order to avoid any incident, it is necessary that the smallest products (cameras, accessories, etc.) be protected by additional external packaging - just as you have received it at home - and thus avoid any type of damage or manipulation of the original packaging of the product during transport, if the product is received in poor condition or deteriorated by transport or misuse by the customer, said return or withdrawal will not be accepted, however, Ganga Electrónica offers returns with all-risk insurance. For larger products (televisions, household appliances, etc.) an external packaging protecting the original is not essential, however, it is important to ensure that the product is shipped properly protected inside the original box with the protections intended for this end (corks, porexpan, bubble wrap, etc.) and avoiding any type of manipulation on it.

A discount voucher is also offered for the value of the product to be returned so that it can be used for another product in the catalog.

For any questions about the correct delivery of products to Ganga Electrónica, contact our Customer Service department.

All returns of products that do not have the original, sealed, unopened packaging and/or that do not present the original Ganga Electrónica return form (with RMA number) will be rejected.


Warranty Terms and Conditions for Consumer Products

In the event that this equipment requires any service during the warranty period, contact the manufacturer of the product or our email [email protected] or a member of our Authorized Services Network (RSA) in the European Economic Area ( “AEE”). In order to save you any unnecessary trouble, we suggest that you read the instruction manual carefully before resorting to warranty service.

Your guarantee

This warranty is applicable to your product if it appears in the accompanying documentation that it was purchased within the warranty coverage area.

Through this commercial guarantee, the product is guaranteed against possible defects in material and workmanship for a period specified in the advertisement from the original date of purchase. This guarantee does not affect the legal rights of the consumer and user, which are independent and compatible with the commercial guarantee. The company will provide and service the warranty in the country where you request warranty service listed below or on the document attached to the product.

If during this warranty period the product (on the original date of purchase) is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, the warranty manufacturer will repair or replace (at the manufacturer's discretion) the product or its defective parts, under the conditions stated specified below and without charge for labor or parts. Please note that shipping costs are not covered by this guarantee.

Manufacturers may replace defective components or products with new or recycled ones. All replaced products or product components are the property of the manufacturer.


1. This guarantee will only be valid when presented with the original invoice or proof of purchase (indicating the date of purchase, model and the name of the distributor) together with the defective product during the period covered by the guarantee. The manufacturer and members of the RSA reserve the right not to offer free warranty service if the indicated documents are not presented or if the information contained therein is incomplete or illegible. This guarantee will not apply if the model name or serial number of the product has been altered, erased, has disappeared or is illegible.

2. To avoid loss or deletion of information on removable data storage media or accessories, you must remove them before using the product's warranty service.

3. This warranty does not cover transportation charges or risks associated with transporting your product to and from the manufacturer or to and from members of the RSA.

4. This guarantee does not cover any of the following cases:

to. Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts derived from normal wear and tear.

b. Consumables (components that are expected to need periodic replacements during the life of the product, such as non-rechargeable batteries, print cartridges, styli, light bulbs, etc.).

c. Damages or defects derived from the improper use, operation or treatment of the product and not due to normal use of the product.

d. Damages derived from:

Yo. Misuse, including:

1. Treatment that results in physical, superficial or appearance damage or changes to the product or damage to liquid crystal displays.

2. Installation or use of the product in a way that does not comply with the manufacturer's instructions for installation or use.

3. Maintenance of the product in a way that does not respect the manufacturer's instructions for proper maintenance.

4. Installation or use of the product in a way that does not comply with the technical or safety regulations of the country where it is used or installed.

ii. Viruses or use of the product with software not provided with the product or incorrect installation of the software.

iii. States or defects of the system in which the product is used or incorporated with the exception of other products of the same manufacturer designed for use with the product.

iv. Use of the product with accessories, peripheral units and other products of a type, condition or standards not established by the manufacturer.

v. Repairs made or attempted repairs by parties other than the manufacturer or authorized members.

saw. Adjustments or adaptations without the prior consent of the manufacturer, including:

1. Product updates not covered by the specifications or features described in the instruction manual, or

2. Modifications of the product to adapt it to the technical or safety standards of countries for which the product was not specifically designed or manufactured.

vii. Negligence.

viii. Accidents, fires, liquids, chemicals, other substances, floods, vibrations, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, electrical surges, excessive or incorrect voltage or voltage supply, radiation, electrostatic discharge including lightning, other external forces and impacts.

5. This warranty covers only the hardware components of the product. It does not cover software (either manufacturer or otherwise) provided or enforced by end user license agreements, or separate warranty conditions or exclusions.

Exceptions and limitations Except in the cases mentioned above, the manufacturer will not grant guarantees (explicit, implicit, statutory or of another type) in relation to the product, the quality of the software or its annexes, the operation, the precision, the reliability or adaptability to a logical or other equipment purpose. If this exception is not lawful or contemplated by applicable law, the manufacturer will limit or exclude its warranties only to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Any warranty that cannot be fully excluded will be limited (to the extent permitted by applicable law) to the duration of the warranty.

The only obligation on the part of the manufacturer and/or distributor in relation to this guarantee is to repair or replace the products subject to the terms and conditions of this guarantee. The manufacturer and/or distributor is not responsible for the loss or damage of products, services, this guarantee or others, including economic loss or non-assessable damages; the price paid for the product; loss of profits, income, information, usufruct or use of the product or associated products or indirect, accidental or critical loss or damage. This clause refers to whether the loss or damage is due to:

1. Deterioration or inoperability of the product or associated products due to defects or unavailability of the manufacturer and/or distributor or a member of the RSA, which has caused downtime, loss of user time or business interruption.

2. Poor performance of the product or associated products.

3. Malfunction or loss of software programs, removable data storage media or Viruses and other causes.

This fact refers to loss or damage subject to any legal theory, including negligence or other fraudulent procedures, breach of contract, express or implied warranties and strict obligations (even where the manufacturer or an RSA member has already been advised of the possibility of such damages).

In cases where the law prohibits or limits these liability exclusions, the manufacturer and/or distributor will exclude or limit its liability only to the extent permitted by applicable law. For example, some countries prohibit the exclusion or limitation of damages caused by negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct, fraud, and the like.

The responsibility of the manufacturer and/or distributor in this guarantee will not exceed, in any case, the price paid for the product, but if the current law allows only greater limitations of responsibility, these will apply.