Mid-range and high-end smartphones


Ganga Electrónica has a large selection ofmobile phones, also calledsmartphones, of the best brands (iPhones,mobileSamsung, mobileLG, mobileXiaomi, Nokia mobiles, mobilesHTC…). get asmartphone the best priceand find a wide variety ofmobile accessories(chargers, gimbals, headphones…).

What can I find about telephony in Ganga Electrónica?

Discover thebest dealstelephone service at Ganga Electrónica, where you will findsmartphonesas5G mobiles,mobileApple,mobileLG,mobileSamsung,mobileXiaomi, etc. andmobile accessories (covers, stands, cables, chargers...)

What mobile to buy?

At Ganga Electrónica we have a wide variety ofsmartphones/mobile, such as the latest news in5G mobiles, thesmartphones with better cameras,cheap mobileseithermobiles of the best brandsas mobileAppleor mobileSamsung.

The mobile phone that you are going to buy will depend on what you are looking for (mobile phones with good memory? Smartphones with the best camera? Mobile phones with a large screen?). If you need someone to advise you, talk to us via chat, phone or email and we will answer all your questions.

What types of mobiles are there?

There is a wide variety of mobiles that can be classified in different ways:

By type:

  • traditional: They are the most economical and easy to use option, but their benefits are more limited. Ideal for those who only use their mobile to make calls, send SMS and little else
  • Smartphones: They are more advanced and allow you to perform a large number of functions such as browsing the Internet, installing applications and carrying out many of the activities that you could perform on a computer.

by range

  • High-end:These smartphones have the best specifications, but are the most expensive.
  • Mid-range: They show a balance between quality and price.
  • Low cost:The cheapest smartphones that have the most basic features (such as being able to chat on WhatsApp or use social networks)

By Size:

  • large mobiles: Mobiles of 6 inches or more
  • small mobiles: Mobile phones 5 inches or less

By Features

  • Dual SIM mobiles:They allow you to manage two telephone lines from the same mobile.
  • Rugged mobiles:smartphones resistant to shock, dust, rain...
  • Submersible mobiles:with them you can take photos and record underwater without fear.
  • 5G mobiles:allows a fast and fluid connection to the Internet
  • Mobiles with good camera:Photography and video recording is an element that is becoming increasingly important on mobile phones.
  • Mobile phones with fingerprint:The fingerprint reader provides security and allows you to unlock the screen quickly and comfortably.
  • Octa core mobiles: an eight-core processor allows you to distribute power more efficiently and adjust the power you need at all times.
  • Mobile phones with better battery: Those mobiles that have autonomy for several days and super fast charging.
  • Mobile without frames:Infinite screens with very narrow frames are a trend in smartphones.